Tissue Mill Intelligence

RISI offers a full range of information about tissue mills worldwide, including manufacturing costs, capacities, projects, personnel and equipment.

Cost Benchmarking

Detailed manufacturing cost profiles for nearly 150 tissue mills in North America and Europe producing retail and commercial tissue.
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World Tissue Capacity Report

Current, historical and planned capacity for tissue producers worldwide. Includes capacity by region and market share.
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Mill Asset Database

A continually updated online database of 3,800 mills and 13,000 mill projects worldwide.
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Lockwood-Post Directory

For more than a century, the Lockwood-Post Directory has been the indispensable guide to pulp and paper mills and companies. You'll get an accurate, comprehensive reference to personnel, mill equipment, capacity, furnish and more.
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Regional Mill Maps:

Reference pulp and paper mill locations in North America, Latin America, Asia and Europe.


Did You Know?

With RISI’s recent acquisition of respected European tissue firm EU Consulting, we now offer more tissue industry information than you’ll find anywhere else – including news, prices, forecasts and mill information.