Timberland Market Intelligence

RISI provides market information and transaction prices for North American timberland markets, intelligence that helps you assess timberland investment decisions. We cover closed as well as pending transactions, ownership and investment trends, regulatory and government issues and forest utilization and conservation.

Timberland Markets Service

Helps you keep up with North American timberland markets, transactions and the impact on wood flows, forest utilization and conservation. With weekly and a bi-monthly updates, you'll find out what's happening, why it's occurring now and what the implications are for the forestry, investment and environmental communities. RISI's Timberland Markets Service includes:

  • Timberland Markets Report - Detailed market commentary on major North American timberland transactions as well as issues affecting the market. Learn more
  • RISIís North American Timber News Service - the only comprehensive news service dedicated to the North American timber industry. Learn more
  • U.S. Timberland Sales Database - a database containing over ten years of timberland sales information for virtually every major transaction over the past decade. Learn more

Sample Issue

Timberland Profiles

Reports providing information on key characteristics that help determine the investment attractiveness of timberland tracts. Each Timberland Profile contains the follow information:

  • Localized mill information
  • Regional stumpage pricing
  • Demographic characteristics
  • Growing stock estimates
  • Timberland transaction pricing

You can have a custom timberland profile compiled for a specific tract of land you are considering, or get a regional overview with our US South Regional Report ó featuring profiles of five sub-regions of the US South a great place to start when considering a timberland investment.

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Why use RISI's timberland market intelligence services?

  • Mitigate risk: Our timberland services improve your ability to make the most informed timberland investment decisions.
  • Convenience & time savings: The only resource that provides all of these key types of timberland data, saving you the time it would take to find and compile all the various types of information yourself.
  • Reliability: RISI is the most trusted source of information on the forest products industry.