Timber & Woodfiber Industry Information

RISI offers clients throughout the timber and woodfiber supply chain critical industry information used to support strategic and tactical decision-making. We do this by collecting and analyzing more information about the North American timber and woodfiber industry than anyone else.

Breaking News

A comprehensive and reliable news service that will help your organization keep up with the latest developments market shifts, mergers and acquisitions, timberland transactions and more.

Forecasts & Analysis

Regular forecasts of supply, demand, trade and prices for the woodfiber and timber industry that can help you make critical business decisions from investment and resource allocation to buying and selling decisions.

Historical Data

Thousands of data series covering concepts such as historical capacity, demand, trade and prices.

Markets & Prices

RISI provides a wide range of timber market information and pricing, from delivered and stumpage pricing to news stories on market developments essential resources for keeping up with timber markets.

Timberland Intelligence

RISI provides market information and transaction prices for North American timberland markets including details on closed as well as pending transactions, ownership and investment trends, regulatory and government issues and forest utilization and conservation.

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