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RISI's newsletters such as Pulp & Paper Week and PPI Europe have long been recognized industry-wide as the most comprehensive source of pulp and paper prices, news and market reports.

Now available in a convenient online service for any world region (North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America) or grade segment (fiber, graphic papers, packaging), your subscription includes enhanced content and time-saving interactive features.

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What you get with your subscription:

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The industry's most trusted
pulp and paper price reporting

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PPI News Service

The most news available on the global pulp and paper industry, edited and filtered to your needs, and delivered online throughout your business day

  • News posted to your personal portal as it happens
  • Daily or weekly email updates bring the news right to your inbox
  • Access a vast database of news stories, prices and market reports
  • Read it all, or filter by topic, company or region
  • Reported by RISI's global network of pulp and paper editors
  • Learn more about PPI Asia, PPI Europe, PPI Latin America, or PPI Pulp & Paper Week.

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Paper price and marketing service

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How you'll benefit from PPI Markets & Prices:


  • Get the full story from a single article that is verified and edited by industry experts
  • Easily access stories filtered by grade or region


  • Quickly react and adapt to market changes. Our global editorial team posts news throughout the 24-hour day
  • Track competition and uncover business opportunities
  • Stay on top of markets with news of supply, demand and price announcements


  • RISI's news is higher-quality, reported by seasoned editors within an organization that has been reporting pulp and paper industry news for more than 75 years.
  • Our news is deeper because our news staff is supported by RISI's expert economists and engineers in addition to a global network of key industry contacts. You'll get depth and detail left out by other news sources.

The sun never sets on RISI’s team of experienced pulp and paper editors based in Shanghai, Singapore, Brisbane, Brussels, Sao Paulo and San Francisco - reporting the news from where it happens, when it happens.