Forecasts & Analysis

RISI economists produce forecasts and analysis that are widely trusted to support critical business decisions, from investment and resource allocation to when to buy or sell. Here are several reasons why RISI forecasts are well-respected throughout the industry:

Experience: RISI has more than 25 years of experience in analysis and forecasting for the global forest products industry.

Transparency: We clearly outline our assumptions so you can thoroughly understand our forecasts and evaluate risk factors involved.

Sophisticated models: Our forecasts capture complex interactions and substitution effects across the industry in response to shifts in technology, government regulations, economic growth and consumer preferences.

Integration: Each RISI forecast focuses on a particular grade and region but is dynamically linked with all other forecasts so it reflects the effects of developments in all related markets.

Independence: Our forecasts are not subject to conflicts of interest inherent in forecasts from other sources that have a stake in the outcome of the analysis.

RISI produces forecasts and analysis for the following industries: