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RISI's ability to deliver the most readily available information for the global forest products industry is due to our diversified team of industry experts.

Meet RISI's News, Markets & Prices Team

RISI's News, Markets and Prices team consists of global editors and analysts who provide professional experience in the pulp, paper and paperboard production industries. Based out of offices around the globe our editorial staff works first hand with industry leaders to systematically track news and market developments as they happen.

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News, Markets & Prices: Team Leaders

  • Will Mies

    Will Mies
    North America, Containerboard, Kraft Paper

    Editorial Director, PPI Pulp & Paper Week

    Bringing decades of experience writing about pulp, paper and packaging markets, Will supervises overall market and price coverage for PPI Pulp & Paper Week and PPI Latin America as well as RISI's online news service. He coordinates a team of eight news editors in San Francisco and São Paulo, collecting news on the pulp and paper industry. Will also covers the containerboard and kraft paper markets for PPI Pulp & Paper Week and has been involved in organizing RISI conference programs and starting the annual CEO of the Year awards. Will served as Editor of PPI Pulp & Paper Week for 18 years from its original launch in 1979. He later served as Group Publisher of Miller Freeman's pulp and paper industry publications and events prior to the formation of RISI. See more.

    During his career, Will has written about nearly every major pulp, paper and packaging market sector and was involved in the development of such editorial features as "Price Watch," sales and earnings roundups, company market share rankings and capacity expansion/closure tables. Will holds a B.A. in government and economics from the University of Arizona and an M.A. in journalism from Stanford University.

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  • Greg Rudder

    Greg Rudder
    North America, Recovered Paper, Tissue, Uncoated Freesheet and Specialty Grades

    Editor, PPI Pulp & Paper Week

    Greg Rudder is lead editor for PPI Pulp & Paper Week. He has covered US and export recovered paper for 15 years, containerboard for seven years, and newsprint for three years. A Pepperdine University graduate, he was a daily newspaper reporter for 12 years before joining PPI Pulp & Paper Week. See more.

    He has interviewed 20 CEOs, and visited 35 mills and plants globally.

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  • Nick Chang

    Nick Chang
    Asia, Pulp, Board

    Editor, PPI Asia

    Nick manages the PPI Asia editorial team and reports on the Asian pulp and recovered paper markets, and has been with RISI for over ten years. He speaks Mandarin Chinese, the Chinese dialect Hokkien, English and reads Japanese.

  • Renata Mercante

    Renata Mercante
    Latin America, Pulp, Paper

    Editor, PPI Latin America

    Renata Mercante joined RISI as Editor of PPI Latin America in September 2006. She works in RISI's São Paulo office and covers news, prices and market developments in the Latin American pulp and paper sector. During her time in the industry, she has interviewed many of the CEOs at the leading pulp and paper companies and visited many mills in Brazil and other Latin American countries. She speaks fluent Portuguese, English and Spanish and has a working knowledge of Italian and French. See more.

    Prior to joining RISI, Renata spent five years working for ABTCP, the Brazilian pulp and paper technical association, where she spent five years covering covered the Latin American pulp and paper market. In her role as Editorial Coordinator at ABTCP, Renata was responsible for putting together the editorial for O Papel and Nosso Papel magazines as well as preparing the news for the association's website and co-ordinating their Buyers Guide publication. She holds a degree in journalism and communications from the Casper Líbero University in São Paulo and also in law at Ibirapuera University in São Paulo.

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  • Steven Sachoff

    Steven Sachoff
    Europe, Market Pulp

    Editor, PPI Europe

    Steven brings more than 10 years of international journalism experience to RISI where he reports on the European pulp market. Steven oversees the editorial side of the weekly newsletter PPI Europe, and writes in-depth reports on the European pulp market. Prior to joining RISI in 2010, he covered business and political news in Central Europe for the Interfax news agency and launched and ran a trade publication for the European security industry.

  • David Allan

    David Allan
    Global, Nonwovens

    Editor, Nonwovens Markets

    With over 30 years experience, Dave reports on the nonwovens market by gathering market intelligence on key market activities and conditions. See more.

    Prior to joining RISI, Dave spent 25 years as an industry executive, forecaster and consultant, working with manufacturers and their suppliers and customers. Dave has spoken at industry conferences in North America, Western Europe and Latin America.

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  • Chris Lyddan

    Chris Lyddan
    North America, Timber

    Executive Editor, North American Woodfiber & Biomass Markets, Timberland Market Reports

    Chris joined RISI in 1995 and serves as timber analyst, including including North American woodfiber, timberland and biomass markets and price reporting. His work is also the basis for the company's benchmarking and forecasting services in woodfiber and timberland. Chris co-founded International Woodfiber Report in 1995 and Timberland Market Reports in 2000, and is executive editor North American Woodfiber & Biomass Markets. See more.

    Prior to joining RISI in 1995, Lyddan owned a timber harvesting and log export business based in Virginia, founded in 1979. He holds a B.S. in Industrial Forestry from Virginia Tech.

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  • William Perritt

    William Perritt
    North America, Wood biomass

    Executive Editor, North American Woodfiber & Biomass Markets

    William Perritt is a Senior Editor for RISI, serving as Executive Editor for RISI's North American Woodfiber & Biomass Markets, News Editor for International Woodfiber Report, and editor of Log Lines. He also produces RISI's North American and European Wood Biomass Project databases. Perritt has covered pulpwood market news with IWR since its first issue in 1995, and launched WBMR in 2008. His efforts include regular contact with industry sources to construct real-world North American monthly market reviews in the pulpwood and wood biomass realms, analyzing price trends and market drivers for those raw materials. See more.

    Perritt is a graduate of Emory & Henry College with a degree in print journalism. He is on the Forest Resources Association's Board of Directors and is a member of the West Virginia Forestry Association.

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News, Markets & Prices: Content Team

  • Melissa Chen

    Melissa Chen

    Research Analyst

    Melissa Chen joined UM Paper at RISI's Beijing Office in 2011. She covers pricing and end-uses for packaging paper and board in China, with a focus on containerboard and carton board grades. She holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Pulp and Paper from Shaanxi University of Science and Technology in China.

  • Chris Cook

    Chris Cook
    North America, Newsprint, Coated, Uncoated Mechanical

    Deputy Editor, Newsprint, Coated, Uncoated Mechanical (Pulp & Paper Week); Executive Editor (PPI Latin America)

    Chris provides analysis and commentary on North American markets for newsprint, coated papers and uncoated mechanical grades and editorial oversight for our Latin American bureau. He is a lifelong journalist with more than 20 years of business and financial experience, the past eight of which have been spent covering the North American paper industry.

  • Marina Faleiros

    Marina Faleiros
    Latin America, Printing/Writing (Mexico), Boxboard, Printing/Writing (Brazil)

    Senior News Editor

    Marina manages the pricing data for the graphic paper and boxboard markets, as well as reports trends and in-depth information about key moves by producers and buyers. Additionally, Marina provides insight into the general economy and how this affects the pulp and paper industry in Brazil and Latin America. See more.

    Prior to joining RISI, Marina spent four years reporting on the pulp & paper industry while working at the Brazilian Pulp and Paper Association (ABTCP). During her tenure at ABTCP, Marina visited more than ten mills in Brazil and Uruguay, deepening her understanding of pulp & paper engineering. She is the recipient of two journalism awards for her reporting on the Brazilian economy and holds a degree in journalism from Faculdade Cásper Líbero.

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  • Sarah Feng

    Sarah Feng
    Asia, Packaging, Graphic Paper, Recovered Paper

    Senior Price Analyst, PPI Asia, UM Paper, grade

    With more than six years' experience in Chinese forest products industry, Sarah has maintained communications with over 100 industry players to regularly report on price fluctuations for imported and domestic recovered paper markets.

  • Anne Grimbert

    Anne Grimbert
    Europe, Cartonboard, Sack Kraft

    News Editor, PPI Europe

    Anne reports on prices and market trends within the cartonboard and sack kraft paper segments, and covers breaking news for PPI Europe. Anne speaks French, German and Spanish. See more.

    Prior to joining RISI, Anne spent four years as a country risk analyst for a French consulting firm writing real-time, online security alerts and making recommendations to CAC 40 companies regarding their global development projects. Anne holds a master's degree in international and strategic studies.

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  • Alisa Ma

    Alisa Ma

    Associate Analyst, UM Paper

    Alisa joined UM Paper (RISI China) as an associate analyst in 2014. Her primary responsibility is pulp market information collecting, data updating and pulp reports (weekly, monthly and annual) writing. Before that she was a market analyst for graphic paper and tissue.

  • James McLaren

    James McLaren
    Global, Boxboard

    Senior News Editor, Boxboard (PPI Pulp & Paper Week); Editor, RISI Global Online News

    James McLaren has covered the forest products industry for 20 years. He is a senior editor for RISI's PPI Pulp & Paper Week, mainly reporting on North American boxboard markets, and also serves as executive editor of RISI's global online pulp and paper news service. See more.

    A graduate of Rutgers University, he worked for daily newspapers in New Jersey before originally joining P&PW in 1989 under Miller Freeman. He joined RISI in 2004, and covered wood products markets for Crow's newsletter before returning to P&PW in 2008. With Miller Freeman, James was launch editor of PPI Asia in Singapore in 1998 and co-founded International Woodfiber Report in 1995. He was co-chairman of the International Woodfiber Conference in 1996, the Southern Forest Industries Conference in 1997, and the first Wood Summit in 1998.

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  • Eva Nyman

    Eva Nyman
    Europe, Mechanical Papers, Coated Woodfrees

    News Editor

    Eva covers pricing and market trends within the newsprint, mechanical paper and coated woodfree paper segments for PPI Europe, and delivers focused news coverage on the pulp and paper industry in the Nordic region. She speaks Swedish, Finnish and French. See more.

    Prior to joining RISI, Eva worked as a reporter in Finland for YLE, a national television network broadcasting in the Swedish language.

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  • Graeme Rodden

    Graeme Rodden
    Global, Pulp, Paper

    Executive Editor, IFPTA Journal and PPI Magazine

    A native of Montreal, Graeme brings over 30 years experience covering the forest products industry. He joined RISI in 2001, moving to Belgium to become Editor of PPI, and in 2007 assumed the duties of Editor of the IFPTA Journal. Over the years, Graeme has visited more than 200 pulp and paper mills worldwide and attended countless forest products industry events and conferences. Currently, he is based in Nova Scotia, Canada.

  • Mark Rushton

    Mark Rushton

    Conference Chairperson, Editor, PPI Magazine and RISI website

    As editor of Pulp & Paper International (PPI) magazine, Mark is responsible for overseeing content on the www.risi.com website and in Pulp & Paper International (PPI) China magazine. Based in the UK, he brings over 30 years experience in the pulp and paper industry and has visited mills and companies across the globe. Mark is also the chairman of the PPI Awards judging panel and regularly interviews the leading CEOs in the pulp and paper industry. Additionally, he holds a City and Guilds in Printing and Allied Trades.

  • Bryan Smith

    Bryan Smith
    Global, Pulp

    Deputy Editor

    Bryan has covered the global pulp industry since joining RISI in 2000. In 2001, he established RISI's US spot market coverage, which resulted in biweekly indexing of four key grades of market pulp in the decade since. Currently he provides market analysis and commentary on the North American market pulp industry as well as export markets and helps lead RISI's editorial coverage of pulp globally. See more.

    A career media professional, Bryan covered business and general interest news for the Associated Press, Reno Gazette-Journal, and PC World prior to joining RISI.

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  • Irina Van den Neste

    Irina Van den Neste
    Europe, Containerboard

    Senior News Editor

    Irina reports on pulp and paper market developments in Europe, with a special focus on the paper packaging sector. Leveraging her native Russian language ability to conduct interviews, she frequently writes about the foresty sector in Russia and other Eastern European countries. See more.

    Irina earned a Master of Philosophy degree in European Literature from Cambridge University and a Master of Arts degree in Germanic Studies from Donetsk National University.

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  • Daniela Wortmann

    Daniela Wortmann
    Europe, Recovered Paper, Uncoated Woodfrees

    Deputy Editor

    Daniela has over ten years experience covering the Spanish market and international news. She is a native German speaker and is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.

  • Kong Yan

    Kong Yan
    Asia, Nonwovens

    Associate Editor, Nonwovens Markets

    Before joining RISI, Yan was an English editor and journalist in a Chinese government news agency for 7 years. She reports on Asian nonwovens markets, writing for such RISI products as Nonwovens Markets, Nonwovens Company Profiles and www.nonwovens.com.

  • Rita Yao

    Rita Yao
    Asia, Paper, Board

    Editor, PPI Asia

    With ten years of news reporting experience in China, Rita researches the pulp and paper market within the country. She reports on a variety of grades inside China including newsprint, printing and writing paper, containerboard, and cartonboard. Rita also provides monthly Chinese paper and board price coverage for PPI Asia.

  • Gary Zauner

    Gary Zauner
    North America, Lumber, Particleboard, MDF

    Editor, Crow's Market & Price Service

    Gary provides editorial, analysis and market pricing for Crow's Weekly Market Report newsletter, the midweek update and RISI Wood & Timber news service.

  • Jessica Zimbalatti

    Jessica Zimbalatti
    Asia, Newsprint, Fine Paper and Packaging

    Senior News Editor

    Jessica researches markets and prices for newsprint, fine paper, and packaging grades across Southeast Asia and India, while providing in-depth market coverage of Japan and South Korea. She also delivers focused news coverage of Oceania.